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Vinglish® is the "one-stop-shop" for language services dedicated to the wine & spirit and food & travel industries. 


We provide wine & spirit and food & travel language services in English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, RussianCatalan, Swedish and a growing number of other languages.


To ensure their multi-lingual communications are as effective as possible, a large number of companies in these industries are calling on Vinglish for translations, interpreting, language coaching and social media marketing.


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Vinglish® offers the wine & spirit and food & travel industries a range of language services. These include TRANSLATIONS interpreting, oral WINE ENGLISH COACHING by telephone, in-house company training courses, and even Wine English testing and wine job interview simulations.


Vinglish can also build and manage an international SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE, in English, for customers in these industries.



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5 Good Reasons to Choose Vinglish®

  1. In depth knowledge of wine terminology
  2. Long experience in wine marketing
  3. WSET (UK) qualified & member of the WSET Alumni body
  4. Native language translators, teachers & community managers
  5. Responsive service



We will respond within 4 hours during usual office hours