Spoken wine & spirit english test


Recruiters/HR or jobseekers/candidates - VINGLISH can test and evaluate the level of oral Wine & Spirit English, via a 15 mins telephone or Skype interview.  Written feedback provided.

(£ 40.00 inc tax)

Wine & spirit job interview simulation in English

For those about to be interviewed in English for a position in the wine & spirit industry, VINGLISH can provide a job interview simulation in English by telephone or Skype. (£55.00 inc tax).


Payment in advance by Paypal or credit card.


For further information about our tests or interviews, contact

5 Good Reasons to Choose Vinglish®

  1. In depth knowledge of wine terminology
  2. Long experience in wine marketing
  3. WSET (UK) qualified & member of the WSET Alumni body
  4. Native language translators, teachers & community managers
  5. Responsive service



We will respond within 4 hours during usual office hours